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Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

We all understand what the phrase “frontline of defense” means, and we use it in many ways. When discussing general dentistry or preventative dentistry, you should also apply that “frontline of defense” label. Why? It is the only way you can eliminate the risk or spread of many oral health issues, and at Merrick Dental Care we encourage our patients to learn about the remarkably benefits of preventative dentistry.

It is old fashioned, common wisdom that tells us about that “ounce of prevention” as being the same as a “pound of cure,” and it is especially true in general dentistry. After all, if you look at the techniques that we provide as your dentist in Merrick, you see many of the benefits of preventative dentistry. Let’s consider some of the most common treatments:

Cleanings – When done once or twice annually, it will ensure that plaque and buildup cannot begin to cause gum disease or tooth decay, and it can leave your teeth sparkling white

Checkups – Part of your once or twice annual visit, the checkups we provide are the foundational benefits of preventative dentistry. After all, we look for any problems ranging from decay to oral cancer. We check your bite, look at the condition of any fillings, root canals or crowns, and ensure that everything is healthy and functional

Treatment – Whatever issues a checkup uncovers, our preventative dentistry can address. We can also apply sealants that help eliminate or reduce the risk of any further problems developing. This means that among the benefits of preventative dentistry are fillings, bonding, gum treatments, fluoride treatments and more.

Just consider paying a visit once a year, discovering you have some early signs of decay in a tooth and that you are showing signs of uneven wear. This can be the ideal time to get a filling to halt the decay and explore why your teeth are wearing oddly. Maybe you are grinding them? Perhaps you have the beginnings of TMJ? Maybe teeth have moved because you lost an adult tooth? You may need more advanced treatments to address the issue, but the point is that you were able to identify it early and stop any damage.

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